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About the LIVE class

Classes are on Tuesdays from 6:15 to 7:45 at Punta Gorda Middle School. The first class is October 15 c;asses run through Nov 19



About the ONLINE class

We have made it much easier!

Online students watch a short video each week and take a 5 question video quiz. That's it!


About the OUTINGS


There are three outings associaterd with the Be the Fish program. The exact dates have not yet been set.

There will be an offshore trip and a seine net putt this fall. There will be an inshore fishing trip this coming spring.


Kids Fishing Classes


1) Use the Donate Button below
Sign up with a $15 donation to our non profit Charlotte Harbor Reef Association

2)Sign up for either LIVE CLASS or ONLINE CLASS

3) On the donation screen you will have the option to
‘add special instructions to the seller’
Enter student's name and a cell phone number and either the word LIVE or ONLINE
example: John Brown 239-123-4567 LIVE

We will text you your student number and class/outing information.

LIVE Classes are on Tuesdays from 6:15 to 7:30 at Punta Gorda Middle School. The first class is October 15 - classes run through Nov 19

By Donating $15 or more and accepting a student number in the Be The Fish program we agree to be Ethical Anglers, to attend clesses on time.
The parents and students singularly and jointly, hereby also waive and release the Be the Fish program, The Charlotte Harbor Reef Association, WaterLIFE Magazine, and all school Officials, agents, employees and sponsors, and all other students in connection with the class and related outings, and further agrees to hold each and all of the above harmless from any and all damages on account of any injury the undersigned may suffer as a result of participating in the program or outings and we expressly agree to indemnify and hold harmless all the above-mentioned from any liability or other claims whatsoever arising from our participation.


check out the
Angler Resource Manual we use in class


About The Charlotte Harbor Reef Association
We are dedicated to improving the fish populations in Charlotte Harbor and its surrounding waters, to encouraging fishing skills, sportsmanship and conservation among our young anglers and to promoting scientific studies and marine research projects. Our current partnerships include Charlotte County, the University of Florida Sea Grant program, the State of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the Fish Florida Foundation.
The Charlotte Harbor Reef Association has been a 501 c(3) Florida Non Profit corporation since 1996.