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This is an all-custom, one-off, stoplight surprise!

It's a 1963 Pontiac Tempest with a Big Block CHEVY hidden under the hood

(Actually, it's a .030 over, 10.75 to 1, Gen VI 502, so it's 509 cubic inches, with big oval-port aluminum heads!)

This paint job was done the old fashioned way, with lacquer and lots of clear - in the family garage. There are a few dust spots, but at least we did'em ourselves!

The motor sits on custom-fabricated mounts and breathes through an original 870 cfm Barry Grant carb and our own 1 7/8" headers.

It's been balanced and clearanced, and runs a .630-inch-lift solid roller cam. This is a VERY STREETABLE car.

With a Richmond 5-speed in top gear at 80 mph we're running 3,000 rpms




Everything had to be fabricated. This was a flat-floor, 4-cyl transaxle car to start with. The '63 Tempest is a foot shorter and quite a bit lighter than the 64 GTO. Our Tempest has an Art Morison coil over 4-link holding a narrowed 8.75 Mopar rear, a new Richmond Gear 5-speed, Wilwood calipers and 11.75-inch Lincoln rotors up front, custom-centered with stainless rings on the original Pontiac hubs. There are 11-inch MoPar drums out back. A Mopar dual master cylinder and some new plumbing slow it down. A line lock holds it for the launch. The 4-link is set with a long ICfor the street.

The body has a new tunnel and the rear half sports a 2x4 cross member tied into the old torque boxes to give the 4-link an attachment point. Diagonal supports cross the door openings, to stop body-flex and unite the cowl box with the back end. Another cross member inside the trunk suspends the coil overs from the frame and gives the car a nice ride and a normal stance. Inside the trunk there is a 22-gallon JAZ fuel cell and a battery box. The Holley Dominator fuel pump is under the car. There is a return line too. Up front the cooling is handled by a Griffin 32 inch aluminum radiator. The original 4-hole dash sports new Autometer gauges that all fit right in. Cowl induction lined with Kool-Mat brings cool fresh air in and lets the hood close with 1/8-inch to spare.

Some people say this is the Wengler's mid life crisis, but to us it is just a way of life.

We Never Give Up & WE NEVER LIFT!

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