By the early '80s Karl and his brother Wolf are living in New Mexico. For some unknown reason, Karl Wengler abandons his good sense and love for General Motors products and comes to live with what he calls the MoPar curse. He grows a thick beard to cover his badly burned face and buys a '73 Plymouth Satellite. It is a 340 6-pak car, but it has oiling problems and the right rear cylinder always runs hot. With a modified crank and thin-stem Chevrolet valves in the MoPar heads, it is another science project for Karl. He does three rebuilds in less than one year.

For twelve months Karl spends most of his time in the garage trying to make things work. When the car is finally together, for the third time, someone backs into it in a parking lot and sends Karl back to his garage again. Late one nightt, drunk and very depressed, Karl pushes the car off the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge and then briefly debates following it himself.

Karl's brother Wolf moves in with him for a while and turns Karl's attention back to Buick, Oldsmobile and Pontiac restorations. One of the only vehicles to escape the terrible fire, a year before, was a 1963 Pontiac Tempest Convertible. It had been stored in a shed for almost twenty years. While living with Karl, Wolf decides to restore and modify the car.

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