. Recent changes in Wolf Wengler's 1963 Pontiac Tempest project

The newest addition is a 326 emblem for the grille. The new exhaust system is made of two dynomax 3-inch x 24-inch straight through race mufflers, a 2 1/2 - inch balance tube and twin 3-inch in - 2-inch out stainless mufflers exiting in twin splitter style pipes in front of the rear wheels.The sound level is very managable below 3200 rpms. We have not yet done fresh chassis dyno tests but it does not seem any more restricted. (Previously the car ran only on the twin 3x24 mufflers and it was just too loud)


No that is not our technical advisor! This grease monkey was applying a special metal-coating, as a test, to protect the inside of our frame rails. The metal shroud is around the Tempest radiator. It is designed to come out easily and helps make city summer traffic a "cool" thing.

..Last month we finally put a top on the Tempest


.The diagonal bar across the doorway made the window cranks useless. We're in the process of shortening and re-chromeing them.


.And then there is the 4-Link. We're still trying to get this little beast to hook up. Depending who you talk to, the IP should be: At 42-46-inches (Morison) or at 36- to 40-inches (Doorslammers book) or at the transmission mount (chassis shop) or in front of the front bumper (Pro Street friend of a friend)

In the end, it turned out that the BF Goodrich Drag Radials sucked. We switched to Nitto Drag radials on a 9.5 inch rim and have been running them ever since. They are great on the street.

August 2009

A little smoothing and grinding and a black paint job on the lower portion and the Edelbrock Air Gap takes on a different spydery look. The manifild was also milled down on the carb flange to allow room for a 1/2 inch phenolic spacer.

In the center is an image of the exhaust pipes and how they were run through the trunk. In the end the piper were wrapped with header wrap and then an insulated heat shield was built into the trunk.

Right: A $80 Grant wood wheel is a lot thicker and better to hold on to than the stock skinny Pontiac wheell


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Have a look at what happens when valve stem seals go bad

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